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Aug. 30th, 2006 @ 08:24 am [Race Info] The Drodg
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The Drodg were once a slave race, created by the Empire of Selaan. The Drodg were once humans, but they were magically changed to be better adapted to harsh climates and hard labor. The Empire used them to quarry stone and mine ore to build and support their cities. The Drodg were spared the destruction visited upon Selaan by the gods and were freed to build their own civilization in the mountains. They have since spread to the mountainous regions on T'lec, Chaldon and Arenna. Their largest city is the subterranean stronghold, Dro Mitan in the Selaan mountains.

Physically, Drodg are hulking, heavyset and muscular, between 5 feet and 6 feet tall with a heavy bone structure. Their skulls are extremely thick, with heavy ridges and nodules of bone, giving them a lumpy thuggish look. Specialized to work underground, their eyes are wider than normal and they have been enhanced to allow sight in perfect darkness. Drodg have longer arms than normal humans and very wide shoulders, giving them a perpetually slouched look. Their entire bone structure has been enhanced and strengthened to handle heavy loads and resist damage from falling rocks. Their skin is a hairless and mottled grey, with a rough rock-like texture.

Their appearance often causes Drodg to be misjudged as brutish simpletons by those who do not know them well.
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