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Aug. 30th, 2006 @ 08:21 am [Race info] The T'k'rin
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The T'k'rin are a pseudo-insectoid sentient race. An average T'k'rin stands 4'7" tall and weighs under 70 pounds. Their heads are wedge shaped with 2 large, faceted eyes located to provide 360 degree vision and their mouths are built around 2 small tearing mandibles. Their skin is leathery and brown with colorful hard chitin plates instead of a solid carapace. They are roughly humanoid, with 2 arms and 2 legs. Their legs are triple-jointed, similar in structure to an animal, with a mid-knee joint and a lower knee joint and extended foot. Their hands have 3 dexterous fingers and an opposing thumb. Their thin iridescent wings, similar to wasps, allow for short bursts of flight.

T'k'rin usually live in underground hive structures ruled by a queen. There are 3 sexes, neutral drones, fertile males and queen females. While the hive exists as a single mind controlled by the queen, she can detach a drone from the hive-mind, in effect creating a sentient individual. Drones that are detached in this manner develop their own personalities and memories separate from the hive-mind and often serve as ambassadors, explorers, merchants and highly skilled producers for the hive. Males are never detached and only leave the hive when a pubescent queen is ready to become fertile and start a new hive. If there is no location prepared for the new queen, the old and new queens will attempt to kill each other, leaving only the strongest to take over the hive-mind. The T'k'rin are native to the southwest peninsula of Chaldon.
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