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World Of Aldun

The World of Aldun is a shared creation, a collection of stories set in the same fantasy world. The moderators of the community have final say regarding the inclusion of a story into the canon of the world, but as long as the submission follows the world rules, it will most likely be fine.


1. Aldun does not have any of the standard fantasy-trope races, like elves or halflings. This is does not mean every race is human or a human analog. Try to avoid things that have been overdone, like cat-girls and such.

2. Gods exist. Spirits, demons and magic also exist. The rules for using magic vary widely from civilization to civilization, and some peoples even refuse to acknowledge that magic exists.

3. Technology ranges from stone age to the cusp of Renaissance. Civilizations that use gunpowder are limited to black-powder style weaponry. Magic can duplicate and exceed any technology you might want to use.

4. Creation is the essence of this project, but sometimes you have to destroy things to pave the way. If you feel the need to destroy something that another writer has built, please check with that writer before doing so. Plagiarism of stories from outside the community is strictly prohibited, use of characters and such from within the community should be cleared with the original author prior
to posting.

5. On the Internet, it should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. No Flaming.


The Creator, Great Spirit of a Thousand Names, caused the world and the root of all life to be formed. To watch over this world, the Creator pulled together the essences of the four elements and gave them thought and will. The spirits of the elements dabbled in creation as well, causing new life to be born, touched and moulded by their essences. The Creator and the spirits of the quickly became overwhelmed by the prayers and wishes of their creations, but did not want to turn their faces entirely from the world, so they created a veritable pantheon of spirits and godlings that would intercede for them on localized levels. These lesser gods range from family or clan patron spirits to harvest gods and gods of war.

Magic and the power of prayer

The methods of using magic vary wildly from civilazation to civilization. There are shamans that draw their power from spirits around them, great magi that study for days to create channels for magic to run through their minds, sorcerers that draw their power from the lifeblood of others, and everything in between.
There is one hard and fast rule: The power to destroy a city is the province of the gods.
Prayer and intercession by the gods can heal anything short of death, but dead is dead.


Aldun orbits a weak red sun. A day is roughly 21 hours, and a year is 324 days.
Aldun has 2 moons orbiting it. The inner moon, Tinail, appears about 1/2 the size of Earth's moon and has a 10 day orbital period and is tidal locked slightly outside the Roche limit. The outer moon, Bara, is roughly half again the distance from Aldun as Tinail is. Bara appears slightly larger than Earth's moon, has a 40 day orbital period at a 10 degree angle difference from Tinail and is tidal locked. Months are measured by a complete phase of Bara.
There are six known planets in the system with Aldun. 1 inner planet closer to the sun, one farther away and 4 gas giants in the outer system.